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Why Choose Our Sail Shades ?

Buy your Sail Shade from Sail Shade Boutique because :

We stock shade sails from Austrlia's premium manufacturer, Coolaroo. Coolaroo are part of the Gale Pacific group, the worlds largest manufacturer of premium shade cloth.

In the 1970s, the harsh Austrlian climate and the growing awareness of skin cancer inspired one company, Gale Pacific, to create a new solution to block the suns harmful UV rays. The challenge they faced was to create a fabric that would offer high levels of UV protection, yet still allow breezes to pass through it and for hot air to escape. The result was a high tech solution whereby monofilament and polymer tape technologies were used to create an entirely new type of knitted fabric.

This technology is the core of every Coolaroo Shade Sail offering the ultimate protection from the sun's harmful rays.

Coolaroo shade sails are sold world wide. They are highly regarded in the industry, setting the standard in quality while offering superior sun protection. The GALE Pacific Head Office is located in Melbourne Australia. They have manufacturing operations across Melbourne Australia, Asia & the USA.
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Coolaroo set the standard not only in technical innovation and uv protection, but also in regards to quality

Warranty - Coolaroo shade sails are made to last. The manufacturer offers a warranty on its fabric of 3 - 15 years.

Premium quality fabric - Collaroo shade sails are available in different ranges. We stock only higher range, Premium and Extreme shade sails.

Stainless Steel fixings - The fixings at each corner of the shade sail are of high quality, marine grade stainless steel. This means not only will they last a long time, but also that they will not rust. This is important as rust from low quality fixings can run on to the shade sail fabric causing staining.

90% UV Block - Coolaroo shade sails block over 90% of all UV. With each strand treated individually this protection will continue year aft year where other, cheaper sails will see a marked decrease in their UV protection after only a short while.

Breathable Fabric - The knitted fabric allows hot air to escape through the fabric and for any breeze to pass through. This is important as impermeable shade sails often create a hotter area underneath as hot air is trapped. Coolaroo creates a cool shade.

Designed in Australia - Coolaroo products are designed for the Australian environment. This means that they offer top quality protection from the suns harmful rays.
Shade Sail Boutique has been selling Coolaroo and Sail Shade World products for many years. As with most products in the market, there are products on offer at various price points and quality points.

When we decided to enterenter the Shade Sail market, we looked carefully at what we felt were the most important characteristics that our customers would want. It quickly became obvious that three main product characteristics were critical :

Sun Protection | UV Protection

The main aim of a Shade Sail is to create a safe shade, safe from the sun's harmful rays. UV protection should never be compromised.

The shade cloth used in a shade sail is critical in this respect. There are a number of different methods used in the construction of the sail cloth, there are different weights of sail cloth, different chemicals used in the process and different ways of applying these chemicals.

The cheapest shade sails are generally made of very light fabric (although heavier cloth is sometimes used) with the UV protection achieved using by the use of a chemical bath after the shade sail has been fabricated. These sails often claim to offer a high level of UV protection however, they generally have two big problems :
  • the chemical protection can be uneven across the fabric
  • the uv protection deteriorates rapidly once the shade sail is deployed

After a season at the very most, the UV protection offered by these Shade Sails is extremely suspect.

The top of the range shade sails use a sail cloth that is constructed of individual strands, with each of these strands being treated and designed to absorb UV before the final product is assembled. These strands are knitted together to form the final fabrics.

Coolaroo products are made using the very best uv protection fabric. The Gale Pacific shade cloth has been designed, and continuously improved over many years, to offer the very best protection from the sun harmful rays. In terms of uv protection Gale Pacific, and their own brand Coolaroo products, set the gold standard in the industry.

The longevity of the Shade Sail

Quality and longevity are important factors for consumers. Top quality Shade Sails have :

  • A long lasting solar cloth : The solar cloth used in the best products have guarantees against UV deterioration. The weight of the fabric can vary as technological improvements has allowed lighter fabrics to be produced whilst maintaining high levels of UV protection
  • Strong borders : Borders should be stitched all of the way around the circumference, with strength added to the corners where the tensioning forces are stronger.
  • Quality fixings : The fixings at each corner should be made from a good grade stainless steel. Marine grade stainless steel avoids problems with rust running onto the sail and discolouring it.

For most of us it is very difficult to decide if a shde sail is made from a premium fabric or a budget fabric. Whilst borders are easier to compare between different products with companies such as Shade Sail World using double stitched reinforced borders, again it is not easy for most of us.

Generally the easiest way to compare different products in respect of quality is to look at the metal fixings at each corner. The images below show the fixings of the Coolaroo and Shade Sail World products, then compare these with budget models. In almost all circumstances the products using high grade stainless steel (usually marine grade) as premium products. If they use large, good quality stainless steel fixings, then the other elements of the shade sail will reflect this quality.

Good value for money

We all want to buy good value products that will perform as needed and last.

With the main task of a shade sail to give us the sun protection we need, buying a product with dependable UV protection is very important.

As with any product, whilst there is a place in the market for different quality of products at different price points, with shade sails there are two main reasons why buying the best quality possible is important.

Firstly in many parts of the world the shade sail is seen as being a 'health' rather than lifestyle product. Similar to sun cream, we use the best for our children and loved ones and paying slighlty more for a premium product is not something we avoid.

Secondly when installing a shade sail, the sail itself is only a part of the cost. Creating the fixing points (possibly including the installation of posts) and buying the appropriate fixing kit mean that the cost of the Sail only part of the cost. If you look at the expected lifetime of the product you buy, then in almost all cases buying the best shade sail is actually significantly cheaper than buying budget models and replacing them every year or two.
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To order your shade sail simply fill in the order form and your shade sail will be sent within 2 working days.

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