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Catalogue - Fixing Kit Rectangle
(Pad Eye)

CARREEPONTET,sail -  protection
Price : £ 101.00
FREE Delivery if ordered with a shade sail
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  • This accessories pack for square or rectangular shade sails comes with all of the hardware that you will need to install your shade sail
  • All fixings are made of 316 marine grade stainless steel. They are very strong and will not rust
  • 4 x turnbuckles
  • 4 x snap hooks
  • 4 x Pad Eyes

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About shade sail fixings

Shade sails are designed to provide shade and protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. Fixings or anchor points play a crucial role in properly installing you shade sail. The choice of fixings depends on various factors, including the type of installation surface, the size of the shade sail, and environmental conditions. Here are common types of shade sail fixings:
  • Eye Bolts:

    • Description: Eye bolts are metal bolts with a looped eye at one end. They are screwed or bolted into supporting structures, such as wooden posts or metal posts.
    • Application: Suitable for installations where a wooden or metal post

  • Turnbuckles:

    • Description: Turnbuckles are adjustable metal devices with threaded ends that allow for tensioning and adjustment of the shade sail. They are often used in conjunction with eye bolts.
    • Application: Ideal for adjusting tension and keeping the shade sail taut. Commonly used in conjunction with eye bolts.

  • Pad Eyes:

    • Description: Pad eyes are heavy-duty metal plates with a loop or ring, designed to be securely anchored to surfaces like walls or decks.
    • Application: Suitable for attaching shade sails to walls, posts, or other fixed structures.

  • D-rings:

    • Description: D-rings are metal rings shaped like the letter "D" and are commonly stitched onto the corners of shade sails. They are used with various fixing methods.
    • Application: Provides flexible attachment points for fixing the shade sail. Can be used with carabiners, ropes, or other connectors.

    Always use good quality fixings when installing your shade sail. We advise using marine grade stainless steel (316) fixings to ensure they will last a long time and will not rust and discolour your shade sail.