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The best australian sail shade with UV protection from Coolaroo

Buy from Shade Sail Boutique because our top quality products are reliable, durable and offer excellent value for money;

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We sell shade sails from Australia's best known manufacturer, Coolaroo. Coolaroo are part of the Gale Pacific group, the worlds largest manufacturer of premium shade cloth and the company who, in the 1960's, created the UV blocking HDPE fabric which is used to make modern shade sails.

During the 1960s researchers proved the link between over exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays and certain types of skin cancer. Australia were experiencing what the media described as a skin cancer epidemic at that time, prompting the public health bodies in Australia to take action. Part of this action was for the government to encouraged companies to develop solutions to help protect against these harmful UV rays. One of the most successful innovations resulting from this project was the development of a new fabric by Gale Pacific that offered the sought after high levels of UV protection.

This new HDPE fabric consisted of strands of HDPE knitted together to form a woven fabric. This woven fabric absorbs and blocks the suns harmful UV rays but also allows air to flow through the fabric. Gale Pacific have continued to develop and improve their fabrics over many years so that their shade cloth offers the very best UV protection and these fabrics are used by many of the worlds high quality shade sail brands, with some fabrics exclusively used by their own subsidiary, Coolaroo. Throughout Australia Coolaroo shade sails are used widely in private and public settings, being installed frequently in public areas such as parks, schools, public swimming pools as well as in private settings such as gardens.
Gale Pacific is based in Melbourne, Australia. Their market leading products set the standards for the whole industry in terms of long lasting UV protection.
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Through their subsidiary Coolaroo, Gale Pacific continue to invest in technical innovation for their shade cloth. They set the standard for the industry in terms of both the quality of their products as well as the proven, long lasting UV protection.

Warranty - Coolaroo shade sails are designed to give customers long lasting, reliable protection against the sun's harmful UV rays. Coolaroo offer customers a warranty on all of their fabric ranging from 3 years on the portable range, to an industry beating 15 year warrant in its commercial ranges.

Premium quality fabric - Coolaroo offer customers a number of different product ranges to suite all needs and budgets. The top of the range ‘Commercial’ shade sails have a fabric warranty of 15 years, whilst the 'Everyday' range has a fabric warranty of 5 years. We also stock other Coolaroo ranges including the ‘Party’ and ‘Premium' ranges of shade sails.

Stainless Steel fixings - The fixings at each corner of the shade sail are important. All of our shade sails have high quality, marine grade stainless steel fixings. These fixings are designed to last a long time and importantly will not rust. Lower quality shade sails generally have low quality fixings which can rust. This rust may discolour the shade sail fabric when it rains.

90%+ UV Block - Coolaroo lead the shade sail industry in offering customers reliable, long lasting protection against the sun’s harmful ultrviolet rays. Each strand of each and every Coolaroo shade sail has been treated to absorb and block the sun's harmful UltraViolet rays which can be relied upon over many years. The protection against the sun's harmful UV radiation offered by lower quality shade sails, is often applied after the fabric has been knitted. Applying chemicals in this manner to finished products can give irregular levels of protection that is both unreliable and which often fades in a relatively short time.

Breathable Fabric - The knitted fabric of our shade sails encourages hot air to rise upwards through the fabric, creating the coolest possible shade beneath the shade sail. The knitted fabric allows any breeze to pass through the shade sail, helping those below to keep cool. Waterproof shade sails do not allow air to pass through them. so as strong sunlight warms the fabric, this in turn warms the air immediately beneath which can not escape. This trapped air will become warmer and warmer as the strong sunlight continues to warm the canopy above. This will result in the air beneath the canopy becoming significantly hotter than the air around it, sometimes as much as 5 degrees warmer. Coolaroo's traditional knitted shade sails create the coolest shade.

Designed in Australia - Coolaroo shade sails have been designed to cope with the significant challenges of the Australian summer. These top quality shade sails offer the best protection from the suns harmful rays, a protection that you can depend upon even after many years of use.
The Shade Sail Boutique have been selling Australia's very best shade sails for many years. Coolaroo are Australia's best known manufacturer. They offer customers a number of different ranges of shade sails, each using bespoke fabrics developed by the company. Each of their shade sail ranges have different characteristics and are aimed at a different requirements and price point.

From the very start we decided that we would only offer our customers products that complied with three characteristics that we consider essential :

Create shade which protects against the sun's harmful UltraVoilet radiation

This is the most important product feature of a shade sails and is the reason modern shade sails were created. The proven, reliable, long term ability of a shade sails to protect those sheltering underneath against the sun's harmful UV rays is of paramount importance. The protection against the sun's harmful UV radiation must be reliable and long lasting.

The UV protection provided by any particular shade sail is generally impossible for most customers to evaluate. When budget shade sails claim the same very high levels of UV protection as more expensive premium models, how can customers decided which will provide them with the protection they, and their loved ones, need ?

Basically with UV protection and so much else in life, you generally get what you pay for. The problem with shade sails is that most people do not have the specialist knowledge needed to see or feel the difference between different product offering, but there are general rules. The weight of the fabric can be a good indication of quality with heavier fabric generally a sign of quality although this can sometimes be misleading. Premium shade sails are made using UV stabilized strands with these strand ten knitted together to provide long lasting UV protection that is is regular across the entire fabric. Budget shade sails are also made of knitted strands, but the UV protection is added after the shade sail has been made by plunging the finished article into a chemical bath. Often this process results in an uneven application of the chemicals giving differing levels of protection across the fabric, and as the UV coating is only on the surface of the strands it will wear off much faster. This give rise to a serious problem with budget shade sails ... While the fabric may appear to be in good condition, the UV protection may have worn off of become compromised, but how would anyone know ?

The best quality shade sails are made using high quality HDPE strands with UV protection built in. They generally have a 3, 5, 10 or even 15 year manufacturers warranty which guarantees the fabrics performance. Look for this guarantee when choosing your shade sail. All of the Coolaroo shade sails have long lasting guarantees from the manufacturer in respect of the fabric.

Coolaroo shade sails are made using solar fabric that the company has developed itself. All Coolaroo shade sails have long lasting UV protection built in, and have a long track record to prove it. Coolaroo shade sails set the gold standard for UV protection in the industry worldwide.

Reliability and durability

Our top quality Australian shade sails provide customers with reliable sun protection that last. When choosing your shade sail there are 3 elements you should consider :

  • Durable UV protection : The knitted HDPE fabric from which our shade sails are made has been developed by the worlds leading manufacturer and come with a guarantee against UV deterioration. The different fabrics used in the manufacture of the various ranges vary from model to model, but every single shade sail maintains a very high levels of UV protection which will last for many years
  • Strong edges and borders : Under tension the borders or a shade sail are stretched to create a solid sheet of canvas. It is important, therefore that the edges and corners are stitched all of the way around the circumference, making them strong enough to withstand the necessary stretching for many years.
  • Quality fixings at each corner : Marine grade stainless steel fixing are found at each corner of premium shade sails. Using marine grade stainless steel ensures that rust will not develop and will not discolour the shade sail to which it is attached.

For most of us it is very difficult to tell the difference between a premium shade sails and those made using budget fabric. Whilst differences in the fabric are difficult to detect, it is usually possible to identify the budget shade sail by examining the borders and fixing of a shade sail. If a shade sail has small, low quality fixing or if the edges do not look strong and robust, then the other elements such as the UV protection it will give will probably also be low quality.

So the easiest way for most people to identify whether shade sail offers good quality UV protection, is to look at the fixings at each corner and the edges of the fabric. The images below show the fixings and edges of Coolaroo products As you can see, the fixings are large and robust and the stitching along the borders looks strong and robust. Coolaroo shade sails made using 8mm, marine grade stainless steel fixings. If a shade sail has good quality marine grade stainless steel fixings, then you can be confident that UV protection will also be of high quality. Also look for a fabric warranty from the manufacturer as this is also a very good indicator of quality.
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Long lasting, reliable sun protection

Value for money is an important factor in almost any purchase we make. When we weigh up which product offers the best value for money, price is an important element but it rarely means that the cheapest product, or indeed the most expensive product, is the best. Value for money depends upon a number of elements including price, but also including the quality, the reliability, the durability of the product. When all of these are taken into account, the product which offers the best value for money will probably be the one which scores consistently well across all of these factors. Consumers want good value products that perform as advertised over as long a period as possible. In the case of a shade sails which has been designed to protect the health of our families and loved ones, it is especially important that a shade sail provides the UV protection that it promises.

This promise of protection from the sun's UV rays is the main feature of a shade sail. Most customers usually choose their shade sail based on the long lasting UV protection that it will provide. There are a range of shade sails on the market, each of which are marketed at different price points, offering different benefits. Shade sails appear to be one of a category of goods, which also includes sun cream and such like, where many customers believe that choosing the most reliable UV protection possible is the best choice.
In Australia, and increasingly elsewhere in the world, shade sails are considered primarily as a health related product and only afterwards as a lifestyle product. Shade sails offer health benefits similar to those advertised by sun creams, and as with sun creams many people choose to avoid budget products in favor of products with a longstanding, proven track record in UV protection even if this costs a little more.

When installing a shade sail, the cost of the actual shade sail is only a small part of the overall cost. Each shade sail requires a solid fixing point at each of its corners. While you may be able to attach some of the corners to existing structures such as a house wall or large tree, it is often the case that at least one or two posts will be needed to attach each corner of the shade sail and complete the installation. You will also require a fixing kit including tensioners so that each corner of the shade sail can be correctly tensioned and the fabric stretched to stop it moving in the and. When you consider that a good quality shade sail will last you for many years, then it is generally more cost effective to buy a premium shade sail that you know will give you reliable UV protection and that will last for many years, rather than buying a budget shade sail where you can not rely on the UV protection and which you may have to replace every year.

To order a top quality shade sails with UV protection built in, simply select the range, the shape, the size and the colour that you require, complete the order process and your shade sail will be sent to you within 2 working days of your payment being received.