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Paying for your Shade Sail with Paypal


Instant payment using any credit or debit card

Paypal is one of the worlds largest secure payment platforms with one of its founders, Elon Musk, now one of the worlds wealthiest individuals. Paypal allows you make online purchase quickly and easily using either an account linked to your traditional bank account, or by using almost any bank card. In combination with the shopping cart on our website, customers can choose the items they wish to purchase, then proceed to the Paypal secure payment system one all items have been selected.

When you arrive at the Paypal's secure payment site, the items you have selected in your shopping cart will be displayed along with the total amount payable. You can either :
  • Log in using your existing Paypal account (if you already have one)
  • Create an new account
    • The option to create a new account allows you to enter your bank card details and the billing and delivery address for your purchase
    • You can also choose at this point if you wish to create a Paypal account or not. If you create an account then your purchase is protected by Paypal
Payments made through Paypal are instantaneous, and are free to the purchaser. As soon as your payment is sent, we will receive confirmation from Paypal (we do not receive any of your payment details) and your items will be packaged ready for dispatched to you.

We recommend Paypal as it is a proven, secure method of ordering and paying for goods. It is also very rapid meaning that your purchase can be dispatched very soon after you order. Payments made by bank transfers can take several days before the payment is received, slowing down the delivery of your purchase.

As a relatively modern payment method, some customers are hesitant about using Paypal so we have tried to highlight some of the major benefits for the customer of using this payment method. If you would like more information regarding the Paypal secure payment system, then visit their website

About Paypal

As one of the world's largest online payment systems, Paypal is used as an accepted payment method by Online businesses worldwide.

Paypal allows internet businesses to manage the purchasing process simply and easily. For the client, Paypal gives you added protection and offers a dispute resolution service. Customers can have confidence when buying through paypal.

Some of the main advantages customers receive by using paypal include :

The Cost

PayPal is free. Customers using PayPal receive all the benefits associated with the service at no cost. Additionally there are no credit card charges.

Buyer protection

Paypal's 'Buyer protection' includes a structured complaint resolution process. This means that paypal offers more protection than most credit cards.

If you have a problem, paypal will help resolve it. Once they are notified of a problem, paypal will put a hold on your payment until the issue is resolved. Paypal will investigate the complaint until a resolution is reached.

Security of your Credit card details

Paying with PayPal mains that your credit card information is not given to the online merchant. Your credit card information is not held by the seller and so cannot be 'hacked' on their website.

Fraud prevention

Paypal helps protect you from fraudulent charges against your account. They monitor transactions around the clock.

For full information visit